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 Where is all this pain and this hate coming from,
I cannot understand it.
I could never think this of any of you,
but it seems you can so easily think it of each other.
Where does this bickering end?
when will our common purpose begin?
All these years I have watched silently
as you fought each other,
as you teared yourselves appart...
What?  You think I cannot feel as you feel?
You think my fate is different than your own?
There is no heaven for me either;
the only salvation I get is my own,
the only immortality I can gain is the one I make.
I too am bound to live out this life
while my purpose awaits me elsewhere
(and am forbidden ever to stand too tall --
else the gods strike me down).
Your chains scratch your neck until raw,
but not mine?
No, even were my chains made of silk
while yours were of rough iron,
I could still struggle within them until blood is shed.
Or am I stronger, is my skin thicker?
No, I have seen your strength --
as great as, even greater than mine.
This is what I do not understand:
you have each lived with your burden for years,
some have learned to accept it,
others have turned to understand it,
and now that you know its nature,
why not rise above it?
I could be as tragic as any of you
(and indeed often I am)
but I choose to live it all with a smile
(whether sad or mocking)
because none of you seem to do so.
I choose to laugh at my own misery
so that it knows that I am its master
and not the other way around,
so that there will always be a part of me
that can never be made to kneel
that will always stand strong.

I will forever remain -- defiant.
RK. Sekwaya


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