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Jul. 24th, 2008

      The daemon crossed back through the red wood gate -- back home at last...  She had ridden in on the back of the latest great storm, summer storm though it was...  All storms were hers in a way, so it did not really matter.  Winds had pulled her along and rains had washed away her footsteps behind her -- regret nothing -- and, during clearings, the moon -- full once more -- had guided her.
    After passing by the misty lands to leave notice of her return, she found her way to her icy twilight lands, and the Moon Lair half-hidden among black, jagged rocks.  Inside, she shuffled her feet to the bed and fell on it with delight, breathing in the soft incense-soaked pillow and the smell of the dusty books on the shelves around her.  They welcomed her in their ancient voices, comforted her, so did the numerous statues, charms, and other random objects once brought home from her wanderings.  She had more, just recently collected, still stuffed in the bag she had tossed by the entrance on her way in.  These were her familiars, lifeless maybe but loyal nonetheless; they had guarded her home well while she was away and now would watch over her as she slept... but did not dream.  With all her wandering and wondering, this one did not much dream while asleep.
    She took one last look around the room, peering through a dark brown curtain of hair: yep, going to need quite the rearranging now, she thought, but only tomorrow...  And with that she fell asleep, though that all-knowing smile remained on her lips as she did, and the sound of distant thunder still echoed in her ears.
RK. Sekwaya


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